Overcommunicating and Undercommunicating

As somebody who fits into a crowd of introverts, we rarely overtalk or over-communicate (which can also be as frustrating as under-communicating). 

When it comes to being a professional, it’s best to over-communicate to the point where everybody knows everything at any given time, anywhere. 

On the other hand, we have under-communicating, which means we assume the other side knows what we know, feels what we feel, and think what we think. 

The matter of the fact is, they know, feel, and think none of what we do, if and especially when we’re under-communicating. 

The importance of communication is real, and setting down your expectations, objectives, and outcomes is important in order to keep ourselves from going downhill.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Whether you’ve just made a new friend or caught up with an old one, the timing could not be any more perfect. 

Right now, this is the best time (and no other) to take 2 minutes to send your gratitude to somebody else. 

When it comes to showing appreciation, there is no due date, perfect time, or a single method to doing it. 

Showing appreciation should come off as a genuine: thank you for being in my life

There’s no better time to show your appreciation than now.

Chasm of Authority and People

Growing up, my parents did all the talking when it came to conversation with adults. 

This made me, the extremely shy and reserved child, unable to bring herself to talk with anybody significantly older than I was.

Now, when it comes to speaking with bosses, teachers, people who are much older and wiser, there comes a moment of distance. 

The difference between treating others as equals, versus treating others as if they already were holding a domineering arm above my shoulder is a chasm many struggle with. 

But I’d like to think any change would start with ourselves, and going out of our way to talk with those we tend to be uncomfortable around is the first step to crossing the chasm.

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