On Grades

With the first semester of school being over, students are finally given a much needed break. 

Before we start checking Canvas, Blackboard, Quest, ACORN, or any other system for our grades, there’s one thing to keep in mind. 

That is, a grade is a number somebody else has given you based on what they believe your project or exam shows them. 

You in real life (apart from school) have nothing to do with the number somebody else thought they would assign to your academics. 

Enjoy the break.

Choose Forward

It’s so easy to fall into circles and feel unable to progress. 

We can be so critical of decisions we don’t yet know can be right or wrong, and so that brings us back to square one. 

This new year I urge myself and my friends to make a decision and choose forward despite the unknowns, because doing that would be one foot into learning something new rather than pedalling in the same circle. 

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