On Personal Weakness

Bigger, more authoritative, dominant voices telling you how to do things might make us feel as if we’re living our lives incorrectly. 

Often awkward and unwelcome. 

This is all to say that these are the best moments to know yourself. To know how you respond towards authoritative figures (my personal weakness) is a key stepping stone to getting over the awkwardness. 

What’s Your Job?

Some people get hired to say no to what their own clients need. 


It’s not their fault, they’re simply following “company policy” so that they don’t get into trouble (and everybody knows, “company policy” is non-negotiable). 

Instead of saying no off the bat, we can get closer to the problem by asking some questions: 

May I ask why you want this change? 

Is there any way we can make your decision easier for you?

I fail to see what’s making you feel upset, am I missing something here?

Be the bigger person and help your client rather than push them away. 

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