But how are we going to make any significant change without the input of governments and large corporations complying?

I get it. 

With our individual voices being only so small and our influence on the market totalling up to 1 out of 3 million people in the entire city, it’s hard to think that we can be heard at all. You’re completely right. 

We don’t have much authority to change the city rules to how we want them to be. However, where we can have a chance to amplify ourselves is through using the media that has been gifted to us. 

Technology has made it so easy to choose ourselves and create something of our own that any elementary school kid can start a podcast, hold a YouTube channel, publish a book, and create a community. The internet has removed the middleman and has given us a chance at holding the megaphone. 

If this was your chance to rally people together for you cared about, what would it be?

Human to Human Relationships Just Got More Serious

There’s a lot of businesses and brands out there. We’re all busy trying to grab the attention of our audience through things like SEO, click funnels, Facebook Ads, Instagram content, and other forms of digital marketing, but how come we find it so difficult to get the people we want to notice us? 

We don’t have all the answers, but we may think it could be this: We’ve always been in a people-driven world, and for obvious reasons, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Rather than run away from it, let’s embrace it whole-heartedly. 

The problem is that most of us are shouting, and nobody likes to be shouted at. This leaves us (the quiet, non-barking underdogs) with the fat end of the stick because we’re smaller and have a quieter voice. 

People may want to trust us more because we haven’t bombarded them with spam or intrusive calls. We have a valuable voice and a unique perspective to bring to the table, but we just have to share more of ourselves first by talking to others.

Fighting the Fire: For Those Who Find They Keep Holding Themselves Back From What They Want

What I learned today is that self-confidence is a lifelong struggle, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to achieve. 

The seeming reality is that strong professionals have a sense of intentional articulation, a well-structured form of identity, and an audible voice, which all leads back to a having good self-confidence. The fantastic news? It’s possible for us too. And it’s not insanely difficult. Just a little uncomfortable. 

Here’s what we can do to build each other up:

Instead of running away from others, we reach out to them and ask for help exactly where we need it. 

Rather than being prone to another humble brag, we accept our achievements and give acknowledgement to the people who help us succeed. 

And instead of following what everyone else is doing, observe differences and make a note out of it. These will be the tools that give you leverage in perspectives when everybody else is keeping up with the status-quo.

Nobody can give us confidence. We need to build it ourselves.

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