Miracle Fixes

If eating an apple a day granted us health miracles, then we wouldn’t need doctors or hospitals. Yet we do, and the healthcare industry is needed today more than ever.

The apple isn’t really a fruit that offers immunity or invincibility, but it can be part of a healthier diet.

The same broader thinking can apply to things like common get-rich-quick schemes.

Somebody out there is trying to sell someone something to feed our greed. If you buy this course on limited offer right now, you’ll make a bunch of money and never have to work a day in your life.

Only again, it’s not so simple.

If you’re average like most of us, it probably won’t be that easy to make millions off of the knowledge of somebody else’s internet course, but it can be a part of a well rounded education.

The truth is that there aren’t any miracle apples here. There is no easy way in.

It’s hard to have good health if you’re not being conscious of what you eat or how you conduct your body.

It’s hard to earn large amounts of money fast if you don’t have anything on offer.

So, kindly to put this to an end I’d say: what’s left is just work. 

Why I Need to Write Every Day

By the end of the day, this piece of writing will be shared whether I feel it’s ready or not.


Because it’s just the commitment to letting go I’ve made to myself just over half a year ago.

Not because I think it will go viral, or that it’ll be something loved by all my family and friends, but because I just don’t want to risk keeping these thoughts to myself anymore.

And that may sound strange, but I can explain.

Creativity doesn’t grow on it’s own, just like our muscles don’t develop without working them out.

It’s just how it is, and if I don’t write this very sentence, then I steal from myself the opportunity to be a better artist, or to be a better designer.

“I Don’t Care”

One of my biggest vulnerabilities that can really get to me is when somebody tells me the three magic words, “I don’t care.”

It’s sharp yet blunt, and carries a weight like no other.

Maybe it’s because I care a lot.

Or because I have to be reminded that not everybody has time to appreciate the things I find incredible in this world.

To me, “I don’t care” is a really bad way to deal with emotion and feelings.

It’s a voice that holds a lack of love and curiosity and prefers to hide away instead.

Also a real lousy thing to say when somebody else is trying to talk with you in real time.

So how can we respond to I don’t care?

I don’t know.

We can’t control other people’s thoughts and feelings, but we can control our own. And what we should know, is that what other people say doesn’t really matter as long as we feel confident enough to stand our ground.

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