Better As A Group, Better With A Family

Getting into the routine of forming groups and working with multiple minds, no matter how frightening it can be to hear the opinions of others, is one of the most beneficial things a creative can do.

The addition of one voice can be amplified through a second voice, made more diverse by a third, and so on, and so on.

It’s easy to work on a project by yourself and answer all the questions on your own behalf. There’s nobody to question you, or to tell you that more work in a different direction could bring you more insight. Inviting others to critique and observe is more real, and it’s a lot harder to do because it challenges us to manage emotion and spin it into action.

Doing things with the help of others is not a sign of inexperience or weakness, but of growth and connection. 

And in this time, the growth and connection part is so much more important than allowing inexperience drag you behind. 

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