How to Find A Voice of Your Own

Being a girl at 23, holding a degree for design, working at a Chinese restaurant, leaning towards art my entire life, being relatively reserved and quiet, an optimist—these are all things that contribute towards my “voice” AKA who I am and my experiences.

Everything I say will reflect my own lens, and that is just my own truth.

Anybody can put words into a type box, but owning up to who you are and sharing those perspectives instead is much more difficult.

Pixel Pushing

You could talk to any designer about pixel pushing. We all hate it. Even more so when somebody else is peering over our shoulders to make sure the pixels are at the exact right spot with the exact right colour with the logo that’s too big and the message not thoughtfully thought through.

That pixel pushing voice is the same voice we hold when we’re shifting the elements in our own work, getting it ready so that we can say it’s done. Trying to find perfect where it doesn’t exist. Doing the final edits so that it can hit the shelves.

It’s probably one of my biggest hurdles in the creative process, next to simply beginning the momentum in the first place.

It’s the aggressive and constant micro-iteration, the editing, and the re-editing. Kind of like getting dressed to go outside but you can’t make a decision on which shirt to wear so you keep changing outfits.

It sits closely with wasted efforts (because less people care than we might think—how liberating).

If the reason to hold ourselves back is because of insecurities who say it’s not good enough, then we’re doing the work of pixel pushing.

It’s possible to make things better by letting it go and hearing feedback from real people instead of just ourselves.

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